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JackXReader: One of your own

:I have strep throat and didn't go to school today. I didn't feel like writing parts of stories I should be writing so here. Have this. I had the idea awhile ago. Cute and sad. I'ma post this on later:

     Being a Guardian was hard. So very hard. Especially since being an Guardian meant you were a spirit, and being a spirit meant you were dead. Being dead meant you once lived life as a living organism. A human. Once being a human meant you had feelings and opinions. And Goals. You have big goals. One of which was to be a mother with not one, not two, but three children. One was not enough, two didn't seem right, but three was the perfect number. One thing that shaped this belief was because you were the oldest of three. You loved having two, not one, siblings to look down on and smile at.
     But you were dead and brought back as a spirit. You were appointed as a guardian because of the powers you possessed were unlike any other spirit's. That and how you died. You were the Guardian of Creativity. You kept the imagination in children strong and alive. When a child draws a picture of a cat, but it looks nothing like one, it's the work of your powers. When a child picks up crayons of all types of colors to draw a picture of her mother or his father , THAT is when your powers are being put into actions.
      Being rather new to the immortal world, you didn't quite understand how it worked but all you had to do was, right when the run rose, you would use a small paint brush. You'd fly across the town, using the wind which was a trick you picked up from the one and only Jack Frost, and draw in the air a bunch of animals and flowers and, really anything you could think of. They would fly into each home , fixing broken crayons and refilling the paint, then find the child to burst into millions of small sparkles, raining down on the child and giving him or her their creativity.
     But never mind this. This was only the small things that made you smile. You actually had a big problem on your hands, and you were scared to share with the guardians. Scared to share with the people closest with you. How close were they to you? Family. Before you died, you hung out with them a lot. You were their oldest believer. You owe it to your young friend, Jamie, for showing you to them. After you died, North was the first to hear and was the first to greet you into the world of immortals.
    Being a immortal made you realize that it would be almost impossible to have your human goal come true. It was the very secret you wouldn't want to share with the guardians. Even when you were a human, you didn't tell anybody! Not even your pet (cat/dog/fish/etc.)! You could treat every child in the world as your son or daughter but this still didn't make you feel happy. You wanted one of your own.


“Hey, _____!” Jack called, walking around your realm, which was a workshop like North's, only it was in the clouds, like Sandy's, and it showed art from all throughout history and carried a piece of every continent, like Tooth's. It was made out of stone bricks with carvings that told stories, kind of like bunny's, and yet it was really just a small place, kind of like Jack's.

“____!? You home?!” He called out again, walking from one room to the next.

      There were papers everywhere, and he tried his best not to step on them. Small critters like mice, butterflies, and cats would walk around. The small animals added life to the realm. But it was quiet in the realm, which was not normal. The animals did not come to greet the winter spirit, they only ran past his feet in order to hide. There were also no new paintings or drawings on the wall, which to you, would have been the end of the world. This all made Jack very worried.
     Jack reached the last room, which was your own bed room. It too, had papers and art supplies everywhere. There was always a small dog or cat sleeping on the bed and bird at the circle shaped window. But when he walked into the room, there were no animals on the bed or near the window. You were sitting in a wheel-desk-chair, looking out the window.

“There you are! ______, I've been looking everywhere for you, Missy.” Jack was about to chuckle at the small kick name, but realized you were unhappy. You didn't turn around to smile and hug him, give him a small kiss on the cheek, or anything you used too do. Might I add that you two were more then just friends. You've been dating ever since you were human.

“....” You said nothing and only sighed, starring out the window. All there were was clouds and a blue sky.

“H-hey, are you okay?” Jack asked, setting his staff to the side, onto the bed, and walking up so he was right next to you. He looked down at you, worried.

“I'm fine...” You said quietly.

“Oh come on, _____. You're not fine until I see you at your desk, drawing picture after picture with no time to spend with me!” Jack exclaimed. Sure, he hated when this happened and he had to wait an hour before you were finished, but this was worse then that.

“Heh....I guess you're right.”  You smiled, but it quickly went away. You didn't look up from the window to face him at all.

“.....What's bothering you?” Jack bent down so that you didn't have to look up at him.

“..It's nothing, really.” You sighed.

“That's like, the world's biggest lie. You cannot tell me that and get away with it.” Jack said.

  You didn't respond. You tilted your head so that it was leaning against your arm. Jack was worried. Something wasn't right. Could she be losing creativity? But she was different then the other guardians. She was the very first Guardian that didn't have to be believed in to have her powers. As long as the children expressed their creativity and were not limited to what their minds could conger, she was perfectly fine. This didn't change the fact that there were children that believed. She was a legend, a new one, but was told to every child. Jamie and his friends were some of the children that believed in her.

“Artist's block? Or did you run out of paper and pencils? Paint maybe? I'm sure North's yetis have some extra paints and brushes.” Jack asked, somewhat panicked.

   That's when you turned over to him, a hint of a smile on your face. You sighed, grabbing one of his hands and holding it between both of your warm hands. The tips of your fingers grew cold, but it didn't bother you. He looked up at you, waiting for you to respond.

“I'm fine. I just needed a little time to think. Part of creativity is imagination. Wonder. You know? It's part of the reason I have to visit North so much, being Guardian of wonder.” You said.

“Then why weren't you smiling? Why didn't you say hi or anything when I walked in? Why don't the animals seem right today?” Jack took no time to ask tons of questions.

     You stood up, sighing yet again. You looked around the room, then back at Jack. You didn't want to tell him what was really bothering you, but you felt like you needed to tell someone. Jack would take you seriously, you thought, but you still feared that it was the wrong decision. Passing on the thought, you smiled, walking towards the exit.

“I'm sorry. Forget this. How about we go have a snow ball fight at the lake?” You smiled, stopping at the doorway and looking at him as he fallowed, grabbing his staff off your bed.

“We can get Jamie and Sophie. It'll be me and Sophie vs. you and Jamie.”

“Beat you there!” Jack liked the idea. He laughed, running out the room.

“Come back here!” You giggled, running after him.

Oh, how easy it was for him to forget things....


      Weeks apon weeks would pass and the secret would almost kill you.  At points in time, it made you depressed, and the Guardians could clearly see it. You'd smile and laugh in front of them, but when they caught you off guard, you were sighing and, even crying.


“____, I was wondering if you had extra paint on your hands. I'm all out of orang-” Bunny stopped talking and starred as he heard sobs from your room.

“A-ah! Bunny!” You's head perked up, starring at him. You sniffed and it was clear that you had been crying.

“___!? What's got you cryin'?” Bunnymund asked, shocked as he hopped over to your side.

“I-i'm not crying!” You objected, sniffing to hide your tears.

“Don't try to hide it, mate. What's got you all upset?” Bunny asked.

“It's nothing. Nothing you need to worry about.” You breathed in. “The Orange paint it in the cabinet. You can go get it yourself. Get as much as you need! The Butterflies will show you the way out. Just please, leave me alone.”

  Bunnymund slowly got up. He wanted to stay and comfort you, but he wasn't the best at doing so. He obeyed your request and left. Only, he didn't stop at the cabinet to take some orange paint. He left without word, deciding to report this to North and Jack, asking if they knew about this.


   Things like this happened a lot. You weren't the best at hiding things. Being creative meant spreading ideas and art around. Actually, anything around. Which also meant it was hard to keep things to yourself.  
   Once there was a meeting at the North Pole. You were the last to show up. You appeared tired and in the middle of the meeting, Sandy ended up putting you to sleep with his dream sand because you would have a hard time paying attention. It wasn't the type of tired that meant you where working hard. Sandy knew the difference, but he couldn't put his tongue on what made you tired. Worry? Fear? Sorrow?
    This even went as far as to effect Jamie. He normally saw Jack everyday, and every other day he'd bring you with him. For a long time, Jack would come but without you. Sophie would complain to him about how she needs to finish her work and visit her. She'd ask jack with her adorable voice and huge eyes looking up at him, “When's Arti going to visit us?”  Arti was a nickname Sophie gave you. Because you were an artist, and she sometimes had trouble saying artist, she'd shorten it and call you Arti.

“Someone's going to haft to talk to her.” Bunny said seriously to the rest of the guardians, minus you.

“Jack, haven’t you tried already?” Tooth asked worryingly.

“I have many times. She refuses to tell any of us.” Jack said, leaning on his staff.

“Then I think we have to confront her all together.” North said and Sandy nodded with agreement.

“But she'll feel frightened and cornered.” Tooth said.

“Then what else should we do?” Bunny asked.

  The wind blew slightly as North looked up at the full moon. It was bright, just like any other night. Could MiM be listening into the conversation. Was he just as confused as they were or did he know something they didn't know?

“You're a guardian too, Manny. What do you think we should do? What would you do? What is she hiding? What has pushed her enough to not trust us? To not cry in front of us and not to even trust Jack with the secret?”

No answer.


      You knew that the other Guardians were deeply worried and suspicious. You knew they knew that you were hiding something. You knew they wanted to comfort you even if you just pushed them away. The hardest thing you knew was that this was hurting your and Jack's relationship. His visits were less frequent and less active. He'd tell you that Sophie missed you and Jamie was worried and that no matter what he'd tell them, not even they could be blinded with lies. He'd ask you to hang out at the lake, and you would, but you'd play a little before saying it was too cold and going home. Too tell the truth, the only reason you couldn't stay near him was because part of you could blurt out your secret any second and you were still terrified of his reaction.
     You were scared he'd leave you and as the days passed, you feared that any second he'd come by, telling you it was over. One night, you deiced it was time to tell someone. It took you forever to sit down and start writing a note to one of the only people you dared to trust. The man in the moon was powerful, wasn't he? And he was also a guardian. One of the family, right? With a piece of paper and a pencil in your hands, you forced yourself to write.

     “  Dear Man in the Moon,

              I cannot take it any longer. It's ruining my spirit and is crushing my relationships. With the children, with the guardians, with Jack. I've decided someone should know, and because you seem the wise one and you could tell me what to do, I picked you.
              Ever since I was a human, I planned on growing up to be a mother. Married and with three beautiful children. But because I died, it never happened. I even started losing fate in my goal when I fell in love with an immortal. In human stories and fairy tales, if you fall in love with an immortal, you take a great risk. Normally in such stories, they cannot have children and they cannot live a beautiful life together because of other things.
              When I died and was reunited with Jack, being a spirit myself, I was overjoyed that I could spend all of eternity with him and the other guardians that I’d love to call family. Even the yetis, elves, eggs, and baby teeth. But I was quickly reminded of my past life and goal. It slowly began to consume me because I realized I still wanted to look down at three pairs of eyes that looked just like mine and smile, handing them a toy or crayon and tell them to go play with each other, but to be nice.
               I'm scared to tell anyone. I don't know what to do. I know you'll make the right decision. You always do...

                                                                                                            ~Guardian of Creativity.”

    Pleased with your letter, you folded it up and opened the window. You held it out the window.

“Wind, please take this to the man in the moon.” One thing the wind could also do was take messages from one place to the next. Sure, it was hard to send MiM messages this way, but the Wind was known to be able to do so. How? No one knew for sure.
    The letter flew out your hands and you watched it fly away, up up up! It would drop down, but the wind would catch it and fly it higher. Once it disappeared, you sighed and closed the window. You walked over and sat on your bed. You hopped MiM would know what to do. You really did.



       A few days later, North had called Jack, Bunny, Tooth, and Sandy for yet another meeting. But, this time, it was more unexpected because he didn't use the northern lights. He asked the elves to go directly to their realms and get them themselves. Each Guardian got to the North Pole rather quickly. It was nighttime, and the moon was bigger then it's ever been. It was listening.

“This was a little unexpected, North.” Bunny said, having an egg in his hand and a paint brush in the other.

“It must be about _____, right?” Jack asked, sitting on the top of his staff that stood straight into the air, defying gravity.

“It is.” North said. He stood in front of the four with a paper in his hands. It was folded. It was a letter. The guardians and the yetis, elves, and baby teeth there were there were also curious. Tooth stopped giving orders to her little ones and waited for North to continue.  

“The Man in the Moon has shown me a letter that he received from _____, herself. He told me that the only thing he could do was to share it with us, and that we should take it seriously.”

“What makes him think we wouldn't?” Jack asked.

“I don't know, but he told me to only read it once you all were here.” North said, unfolding the note and preparing to read aloud.

    As he did read the letter aloud, the room was quieter then it's been in centuries. Once he got to the second paragraph, the secret slowly began to unfold. It shocked everyone. It was nothing they thought it could be. She wanted to be a mother, but believed she couldn't. This was what was tearing them apart. As North went on the to third and forth paragraph, each soul in the room could feel sorrow for her. The sentence about the three little eyes looking up at her was probably the most heart-breaking sentence of them all. North then finished and set the letter down onto the small side-table next to him.

“....” The guardians thought a little, looking from one to the other.

  Jack jumped off his staff, grabbing the letter and re-reading it over and over again. He looked jumpy. He grabbed his staff and turned to the others.

“I have to find her!”

  The guardians nodded as Jack flew away. All they could do was wait for Jack to return. For anything you might have said. All they had to do was wait to see your smile again....


“_____!!!” Jack called, running into your house, a burst of wind flying in and scattering the papers around.

    He jumped around, not caring for what he knocked over or pushed around. The animals were surprised, but did not stop him. He found you in your room, sleeping in your bed. He jumped onto the bed, letting the staff fall to the floor. He shook you over and over, getting you to wake up.

“Huh?...” Your sleepy eyes opened to see Jack's frost blue eyes in front of yours. You almost screamed, sitting up and starring at Jack.

“_____!! Why? Why didn’t you tell us?” He asked, trying his best to sound calm.

“W-what are you talking about?” You felt panicked and scared.

“Why didn't you come to us for help? You know, no matter what, you don't ever have to keep something from us.” Jack said.

“......I don't know what you're talking about.”  You gulped, looking at him while he looked at you.

“.....The man in the moon showed us your letter. It was the best thing to do, you know.” Jack said, pulling out the letter and holding it in front of you.

“.....Jack, I.” You gasped, searching for words.

“....We could have helped you.” Jack handed the letter to you.

“..How, Jack, how?” You asked, tilting your head and holding the letter in your hands.

“....N-none of the stories you talked about were true....I-immortals have more freedom then Humans, when you think about it.” Jack began to blush as he realized where this was going.

“...So what you're trying to say is...” You began, wanting Jack to finish.

“That, yes, Immortals, dead or alive, can be parents.”

“....But how will I-” You were still confused, beginning to ask another question when Jack placed his finger in front of your lips.

“....Nobody said they didn't love you enough to help..” The blush on his face redden.

“.....Eh!?” Then you realized where this was going. You blushed tomato red.

“ShhHhhhHHhHHh! I know! I know!” Jack quickly calmed you down.

“A-Are you sure!?” You asked, still blushing.

“Y-yes!...M-maybe.” His face twisted, searching for words. It made you laugh. Hearing you laugh was something he had not heard in a while.

“Heh, How about we talk about this later. Let's go back to the North Pole so the others don't have to be worried anymore.” Jack chuckled, getting off the bed and grabbing his staff, holding a hand out for you.

  You smiled, taking his hand. Before you dragged you out of the house, you stopped him by hugging him tightly. He faced you. You then shot up, stealing a kiss from him. He blushed then kissed back. Then you pulled away. “Thank you so much.”


A good 5 years later....

“JACQUELYN!”  You yelled your daughter's name, chasing her around the house. How as a 3 year old so fast on her feet? The wind must have been helping her as she left small, frost foot-prints on the wood floors of the North Pole.

    You laughed as you looked around. Where did she go? Then you heard giggling under a work table of one of the yetis. You sneaked over and bent down to look under. “BOO!” You laughed. Your daughter squealed, her long, white hair shined in the lights of the workshop. Her eyes were the same color as yours and her smile was brighter then the moon.  You grabbed the small girl and held her in your arms.

“Next time, when you run from someone, Jacquelyn, the Boogieman might get you!” You teased, playing with the young girl.

“No worries, Mamma! Jacquelyn can beat him!” The young girl squealed.

    You carried the girl back across the building, up into the room with the globe. You were greeted with laughter coming from the top of the globe. You looked up to see Jack playing with one of the other children you two had. It was a young boy, a year older then Jacquelyn. His hair was the same color as yours, but had white edges. His hair was shaggy, getting in front of one of his eyes, yet straight. It looked kind of like Sophie's hair.

“Jack! What are you doing up there?!” You asked.

“Hehe, Yeah daddy!” Jacquelyn giggled.

“Playing with Artie! What's it look like!” Jack smiled, grabbing the young boy into his arms.

 His name came from the nickname Sophie had given you. And Jacquelyn's name had Jack in front of it. It ended up being a perfect name for her.

“You be careful! I don't want him to fall off!” You said. You heard Artie and Jack's laughing as they continued to play up there. The wind blew around, playing with the two as well.

    Suddenly a hole sprouted out of the ground next to you. Out jumped Bunny, who had the last of the three children with him. The hole disappeared and Bunny laughed.

“That's enough, you little ankle-biter.” Bunny chuckled, setting the child down.


  The last child was Pip. The youngest of them all. She was almost three and loved to play with her Uncles and Aunt. That's what they seemed to her. She had white-brown hair that was straight, with bangs that only covered half her fore-head. She looked a lot like someone Jack had known in his past, but who it was, Jack wouldn't tell.

“Mamma, Mamma! Down, Down!” Jacquelyn cried, wanting to be set down with her sister.

   You laughed, setting her down in front of Pip. The two laughed and played. Jack flew back over, Artie in his hands. He set the little boy down, next to his little sisters. He then walked back over to you, sighing.

“Sometimes, they're hard to take care of.” Jack complained.

“It was hard to take care of Sophie, you shouldn't complain.” Bunnymund said.

“I know, but this is 24 seven!”

“And it's all your fault that they're here, sitting at our feet.” You said, looking at Jack.

“....I didn't say I didn't love them!” Jack nervously laughed.

“Jack! ______!” The three guardians looked up to see Tooth, who came for a visit, along with Baby tooth.

“Tooth!” Jacquelyn  and Artie smiled before anyone could say anything.

   Tooth flew over to the three with a smile on her face. Pip, still not being able to talk much, just raised her hands and giggled. They were just adorable, weren't they?

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