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JackFrostXReader: Jack’s Girl (2)

A sequel, requested by ~snowflake1363
It is REALLY hard for me to write “_____ turned around to the sudden comment. Her face full of shock and worry”.  I have to write like “You turned around to the sudden comment. Your face full of shock and worry.” It is easier for me to write and easier for me to read. I’m SO sorry if this offends or makes things harder for anybody.
So I’m not used to using “_____” unless someone is saying your name.


The wedding? It was beautiful.
Where? At the lake. You know the one I’m talking about
Who came? The guardians, the baby teeth, the Yetis and elves, little eggs and stone eggs, Jamie, Sophie, and their friends. ((No family?  You lived on your own, most of your family were in other states/countries. ))
The weather? It lightly snowed as everybody stood on the lake which Jack had frozen over before everything started.
Till death do us part? Till death do us part.
You do? I do.
You may kiss the bride? You may kiss the bride.


“And on the night of Halloween, a witch flys around!  A grin on her face and a bucket full of candy to give to all the little children of the world!”  You sang aloud a sentence from a book about legends.

“I’ve never once met the so called witch of Halloween.  If there was one, she seems more like someone who hates children.” Jack said, sitting beside you and looking over your shoulder at the book.

“Maybe she does like children! The book says so.” You giggled, flipping the page.

“Yeah well the book also says Bunnymund is a big fluffy pink bunny and that North has a wife.” Jack chuckled, taking the book and flipping around the contents.

“Hey, give me that back.” You whimpered, not actually trying to get the book back.

“But I wanna see what it says about me!” Jack said, fake whining.

“Go on.” You looked over and watched as Jack flipped through, having trouble.

  Jack landed on a page that talked about the legend of Jack Frost.  It talked about how some people say he is a 20 to 25 year old man whom has spikey blue hair, ice blue eyes, and frost hanging off the tip of his nose.  He wears a blue and white suit and is very rebellious. His kindness is on and off and he likes to start snow-ball fights with children.  It hints a lot about him being a hard to like person, and rather selfish.
   Jack growled, throwing the book out into the snow. He huffed as he crossed his arms in disappointment.  He kicked the ground, which was the cement porch of your small house.  His face reddens when he heard your laugh.

“What? Mister Jack Frost isn’t happy with what the legend says? It’s just a legend.”  You laughed, getting up and picking the book up out of the snow, brushing the access snow off.

“I find it insulting. I’m not 20 years old, I’m not mean and selfish.” Jack pouted.

“You are only 2 years younger, Jack. No wait. Scratch that. You look only 2 years younger.” You giggled, then continued. “I think they’re basing this so called legend on a movie character.  Jack Frost from Santa Claus 3! It’s a good movie. I should show it to you and the others later.”

“Now they make movies of my alternate designs? I wanna be in one! Maybe Jamie knows somebody.” Jack said, standing up.

“I highly doubt that. But, anyway…” You stood up and walked out into the snow.

“How about a walk to the lake?” You smiled, tilting your head and holding out your hand.

“Alright!” Jack smiled and ran over, grabbing your hand.

  The two of you walked through the snow, onto the side walk. You both passed by the town and many people along the way. It must have looked strange to the adults who didn’t believe, for you still had your hand out, holding Jack’s hand. You both laughed and talked, also watching the nearby kids playing in the snow. You both spotted Sophie and Jamie playing with their dog in the snow as well, waving to them as you both passed by.
   You both reached the road that, once you crossed it, you only had to walk past a house-free lot to get to the lake. There were a few cars passing by and people walking around, along with kids running back and forth.

“Hmmm…” You looked both ways, watching for the cars to pass. They did.

   You both walked pass the snow, into the woods, and finally, to the lake. It was quiet there. You and Jack were the only ones there.

“Care to dance?” Jack said suddenly, holding out a hand and stepping onto the ice.

“But Jack, I don’t have skates.”  You said, knowing HE could skate on the ice, but not you!

“Don’t worry, ______! Just take off your shoes, leave your socks, add a little wind, and you’ll skate like a pro!” Jack smiled.

  You smiled, sitting down in the snow and taking off your shoes. You had on (favorite color) socks that were as soft as silk. They happen to be your favorite pair. You stood back up and grabbed Jack’s hand, suddenly feeling a light gasp of wind carry a little of your weight so that you could skate “like a pro”!
   Jack pulled you forward and the two of you, in a way, danced across the lake. Jack’s feet left spots of beautiful designs made of frost on the ice, which spread. This also made another layer on the ice. It would be terrible if the ice were to brake, Jack thought.
  That led him on to think about falling through the ice. He couldn’t help it. Everyone sees or do small things that trigger large thoughts. He thought of you falling through. Him losing you.  He hated the thought. He could and would never lose you! He’d have you forever! Right?

My. Forever is quite a long time.  What was the age expectancy for mortals?  Jack’s thoughts were cut short to hearing your laughter.

“Are you okay? You have a strange emotion on your face.”

  Jack blushed, remembering the dancing. He pulled you over to the middle of the lake and twirled you around and back. The smile on your face was priceless to him and the laughter couldn’t be beaten.

Beaten. The word brought back the topic he thought about.  The man on the moon couldn’t let Jack’s wife be hurt or taken away from him. The man on the moon, along with the other guardians, would protect her just as any other child they had to protect. It was their job too, right? Just like it was his. He wished the man in the moon to let her live with him forever, no matter how impossible that sounded.

“Manny, let her stay with me forever.” He thought aloud softly. He didn’t know he thought aloud, but when You had stopped and started looking confused at him, he realized he did.

“W-what was that?” You had asked. You didn’t hear what he said, you only heard muttering.

“N-nothing.” He stuttered, then continued to dance like a royal king with you.

    It was amazing that he knew how to dance like this. He probably had 300 years of practice. The sky was setting, but it was the type of day were the moon was already visible in the sky. It was harder to see, due to daylight, but it was there.  Jack suddenly leaned into you and took a kiss at the lips. You blushed at the sudden move in the dancing, but kissed back.

“I love you.” He said softly, you both standing back onto the snow.

“You have amazing dancing skills.” You giggled. “I love you too.”

You looked up at the darkening sky to see lights. The northern lights.  Of all times, North! Of all times!

“Jack, looks like somebody needs you!” You pointed up at the sky. Jack turned, then sighed.

“Awww. This better be important!” He said, then turned back to you, kissing you on the lips one last time.

“See you tomorrow? I’ll have to do a quick fly by around the world after North’s meeting or whatever.” Jack asked.

“Sure thing!” You smiled, but you were really sad due to this. You lived alone and other then Jamie and Sophie, whom were way younger then you, Jack was the only person to talk to.

   Jack said goodbye and let the wind take him away. The wind also gave him his staff that he almost left on the snowy ground.  Everything got quiet fast, and you were now alone. Things felt…colder now. You shivered, turning to put back on your shoes.

“Huh?” You noticed one was gone. You looked around to see it on the ice. It was off to the side, a part of the ice were you and Jack had not gone near. You breathed in, walking over the ice to get the shoe. You both dance across the lake! The part you had not gone over must still be safe, right?
   Wrong. To all of logic’s surprise, It was not. You grabbed the shoe and was about to turn around before a large crack rang in your ears.  You gasped and stopped like a dear in the headlights. Your eyes were wide open and your pupils were as small as they could get.  You’ve heard the story of the little girl being saved by her brother, and you knew who the people were. You didn’t want to have the same fate.

“H-help.” You breathed out, terrified. You were too scared to move because of the ice. You looked up at the moon, which was becoming more and more clear. It only shined down on you. Looking longingly into the seeable craters on its surface, you pleaded again for help. “Somebody?”


There it was again. That dreaded sound. You had only shifted your weight a little and there it was. You shook, not only due to the cold, but also to the fear.

“Jack…J-jack?!” You cried, but it was obvious that he couldn’t hear you. Would the man in the moon hear you? Would the wind hear you?

You tried to step away, but it all broke beneath you, and you fell into the ice cold water.


You had no time to fully react before your body stopped being able to move. You were paralyzed, and oh so slowly, drowning.

You’d  think nobody heard you, but in that case, you’d be dead wrong. It wasn’t a child, or a person at all. It was someone who could get you help. Real Help.  The spirit of the Wind.

~Time skip~

 The meeting wasn’t anything big. It was a monthly check up where the guardians state any problems or anything new.  Everything was going fine. Bunny had gotten 8 million eggs done for the coming easter, The yetis were doing great on toys, and tooth had all the baby teeth busy with work. Jack had visited the world thousand times over in the month, and had to just about every hour. But he was Jack, and Jack is Jack.

“And The elves have been working along, trying to hel-“ North was saying, but there was a loud banging sound on the window. It was extra loud.

“Huh?” North and the other guardians looked at the window strangely. It suddenly opened with a bust and wind poured into the building in rage. It circled around Jack, picking him up.

“WHOA! WHAO! WIND! What’s that matter!?” Jack yelled, trying to calm the wind.

As if Jack could read and understand the wind’s movement, Jack’s face went from concern to fright.

“She what!?” Jack almost screamed.

“Jack! What’s going on!?” Tooth asked.

“It’s _____! She fell into the ice! I have to go before she drowns!” Jack cried, and in seconds flat, was gone with the wind.

  The other four guardians were shocked. This was not good. This was horrible. This was the worst news they have heard since Pitch arrived. No, this was even worse than Pitch.


   Jack flew through the air at light speed, getting to the lake in only a few seconds. He spotted the cracks in the lake and dove down into the water, searching around frantically. He saw a fragile body amiss the cold waters. It was motionless and frozen. Jack grabbed the body and pulled it out of the water and into the snow. It was ______. It was you.
  Jack tried to get you breathing and responding again, but this was not in his knowledge. He looked up at the man in the moon while cupping you up into his arms like mother does with her child. Tears in his eyes.

“Why?” Was all he said before turning down to the limp figure and crying.


  There was a funeral. Everyone who was at the wedding was also there. No words were said, for it wasn’t a traditional funeral.  You were buried at the lake. Where so much had and would take place in Jack’s life.  He still didn’t understand. Was it because he had thought of death that you had died. Was it just a coincidence? Or did Manny do something wrong? Jack wanted answers, but had no energy to give them.

Winter came late worldwide. It was weeks late in burgess, Savannah, London, Rome, Tokyo. Everywhere. It was even months late for many parts of the world.

~Year later~

  A hand stuck out from the snow. It wiggled around before lifting up and grabbing onto the ground. A body pulled itself out of the ground. No, out of a grave. The figure stood up and looked around, rubbing her eyes. She saw the sparkling lake and snow covering the ground and trees. The stars in the sky.

‘The lake…? What happened?’

Then the figure looked up at the moon and remembered everything. She had to find Jack. She had to find him now.


   Jack sat on the globe, watching the elves mess around and eat North’s cookies. He was bored and didn’t feel like flying around the world.  North was talking to Bunnymund about holiday plans and Tooth and Sandy were looking around the books that were in shelves around the room. Today was just a bored day to Jack. Everyone came to visit. This was no meeting.


Everyone faced the window where the sound came from to see glass broken and on the floor in front of it. Snow flew into the room due to it snowing outside, along with wind.

“Phil! Could you fix that!?” North asked, turning to the yeti next to him. Phil grumbled and walked away to gather supplies.

“What made that break?” Bunny asked, suspicious.

    Jack heard moving behind him and turned, only to be knocked off the globe and onto the floor.  It hurt his head, but the feeling of hurt went away when he saw the figure hugging the air out of him.

“JACKJACKJACKJACKJACKJACKJACK!” The figure cried out, her voice muffled due to her face digging into Jack’s hoodie.

It was…It had to be….._______!!!

“_____!!!” Jack hugged back, about to cry of pure joy.

“____!?” Tooth and the other guardians gasped.

   Jack pulled away and You looked up, eyes locking together. You were back. MiM brought you back so that you both COULD live forever. Just like Jack had asked.  The only real thing different about you was your hair had gone pail to the snow, along with your skin, and your eyes were a brighter color. Now whatever you had the power to do now was something not even you knew, but this was only the first few minutes of your return.

“I missed you so much.”  Jack’s eyes watered and a smile grew on his face.

“I missed you more!” You declared, grabbing him and kissing him. It lasted a good moment before you pulled back.

  Oh, what power Mim had. He must have really loved the both of you to bring you back from death.

~Special ending: 5 YEARS LATER~

“JACK!” You yelled from one room of your house.

“Yes!?” Jack flew in, head tilted.

“So….Um….” You were looking for the right words to say.

“What? What’s wrong?” Jack asked, walking up to you.

“I know you like children, right? Well….”

“Well what?”

“What if you could have a child of your own?”

“What are you trying to say?” Jack knew clear as day what you were trying to say.

“You just might have to be the guardian of your own child for….forever.”

  Jack was screaming on the inside. HIM! A FATHER!? He grabbed you into a deadly hug, spinning you around.

“OH MY GOD, WAIT UNTILL JAMIE AND THE OTHER GUARDIANS FIND OUT!” Jack said, half in happiness and half in worry.

Oh, just imagine the look on their faces. Priceless!

I'm in a hurry and will add description later.
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