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JackFrostXReader: Jack’s Girl

Requested by: ~44mae
Idea and Story by: *Ninja-Neko-Aru

Bunnymund spun in the wheeled desk chair, his padded foot pushing against the floor to make the chair spin faster. A large sigh escaped his mouth and all at once he forced the chair to stop. In front of him, he saw Jack Frost balancing on the fence that circled around North’s large globe. Jack was looking up at the golden lights that represented each and every child that believed in them.  But it wasn’t the lights that Jack was paying attention too. He was waiting.

“So when do you think she’ll get here?”  Bunnymund asked. “You know…to the North Pole.”

Jack looked at Bunnymund and chuckled. “She has her way of getting here.”

“Hmm…about your girlfriend…” Bunnymund began but North walked up behind him and spun the chair.

“Whoa~!” Bunnymund grabbed the arm rests to help him stay in the chair.

“She’s one of a kind, Jack.” North smiled warmly.

“Hehe, I know. You guys, you know I was thinking~” Jack turned to sit on the rail and say what was on his mind but Tooth Fairy and Sandman walked over, Tooth cutting Jack off.  

“Yeah! Remember that one Christmas where she got us all presents?!” Tooth flew around, squeaking in joy of the memory.


_____ sat nervously waiting for the Guardians to finish their Christmas dinner. Well, after Christmas dinner. Every year, after North was finished giving gifts to all the children of the world, He’d come back to have his own Christmas celebration with his friends and fellow guardians. This year was the first time Jack’s girlfriend, _____  ______ would be joining them. She’s been with him for 5 years, but this year was the first time ______ could leave her family to be with the guardians.
   Anyway, ______ had already finished her food and watched as just about everyone was finishing theirs. This year there was a big feast for the 5 guardians and her. Everyone had full plates, accept for her. This year _____ decided she wasn’t all too hungry. With her hands in her lap, she smiled at the sight of everyone sitting quietly and eating peacefully. She’s seen them before, fighting with each other. Normally just Bunnymund and Jack, but North will but in sometimes.  She’s also heard stories from way before, when Jack wasn’t a guardians and nobody believed in him.

“Ah~ that hit the spot.” North sighed, leaning back in his chair and pushing his plate away.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to eat for another week.” Bunnymund said and Sandy nodded his head.

“Is everybody finished now?” ____ asked, tilting her head.

“Are you waiting for something? You seemed rushed.” Tooth asked, concerned. As an added note, Tooth thought of you as a sister, and loved to hang around you when she could because she didn’t get to spend time with other girls a lot.

“Do I? I don’t mean too. Actually, I’m really excited.” ____ smiled.

“About what?” Jack asked, leaning back in his chair to the point where you’d be surprised he didn’t fall out.

“Are you all finished yet?” You asked again.

“Yeah yeah, we are. So what’s got you all hopped up?”  Bunnymund asked.

“Okay, so it’s Christmas, er whatever.  I thought it would be nice to get you all something! A Christmas present!”  _____ Jumped up in her chair, a grin on her face.

“Really now?! How nice of you.” North chuckled.

“It was the least I could do.” _____ smiled, walking around and giving everyone their presents. Once she finished she walked back over to her chair and sat down, curiously watching everyone taking the wrapping paper off.

 Tooth opened her’s in no time at all. She had a small box that had a small necklace. It had an iron chain with a clay charm. The charm was a cute little tooth with a big smile and cute little eyes. It had small angel wings on the side of it and silver glitter covered the charm.

“It’s so adorable! Did you make this?” Tooth asked, smiling as she put it around her own neck. _____ nodded her head, remembering having to go buy clay to start it.

  Next, Sandy opened a small box that had a small clay statue. It was of Sandy on his golden cloud and strings of dreams flying around. It was painted yellow and covered in gold glitter.  Sandy turned to ____ and the magic above his head formed a heart, meaning he loved it.
   North opened a small box that contained a matryoshka doll. There were 5 dolls, normally 8 but 5 was all _____ could get done.  The first looked like North, the second looked like the western version of Santa Claws, the third looked like the western misses Claws, the forth was an elf, and the fifth was Rudolf.

“Ha! You did a great job on the painting of these, ____! I love the little dear.” North chuckled, poking the dear doll on its shiny red nose.

   Bunnymund has a small box of which contained a windup toy egg. Painted on it was the colors and markings Bunnymund had on his own fur. Twisting the nob at the bottom, the egg began to hop from one inch to the next. It made Bunnymund chuckle.

“I had my friend help me with the windup part, but the painting was all me.”  ____ smiled.

“I have to admit, it’s very cute.” Bunnymund smiled.

“Thank you.” _____ smiled, then turned to see Jack playing with what she had got him.

   What jack received was a charm with a long string that could be wrapped around his frost staff. The charm was a crystal heart that held a snow flake inside it. Not a real one, but one that was extremely detailed and so beautiful, nobody could turn it down.

“Awesome, ______!”  Jack grinned.

_____ walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a slight hug. Jack’s skin and hair and clothes were normally always cold no matter where he was, but she learned to endure that.

“I’m glad you guys like what I got you.” _____ smiled.

Jack looked down at the charm. It shined and sparkled due to the lights in the room. It was truly a sight for sore eyes. Holding it in the palms of his hand, he then placed it safely back in the box it was given to him in and stood up. He gave _____ another big hug before taking a quick kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you, ____.” He said warmly.

~End Flashback~

“Or that Easter when she brought us all candy filled eggs.” Sandy said, using his powers as a sign language.

Jack chuckled as he listened to the others talk about it.

“And those were homemade candy too!” Bunnymund rubbed his furry belly, remembering the tastes of the sweets he once had.

“The best I’ve ever tasted.” North Chuckled.


    Jack bit into a chocolate egg that ______ had given everyone.  Rich chocolate cream poured out and made a mess around Jack’s mouth as he tried not to waste the sweet goodness that the candy held. The cream within tasted sweeter than anything he had every tried.  It was hard to believe _____ said she made it herself. He licked the extra cream away and tried to get what he could out from between his teeth.

“That was amazing!” Jack shouted, making _____ giggle. He fell on his back in the green grass of Bunnymund’s home. He stretched out his arms and folded then behind his head. He then took another bite of the chocolate egg.

“There’s more where that came from.” ______ giggled.

“Man, I could eat these eggs until I grew fat.” Bunnymund said to nobody in particular as he ate one of the candy eggs you gave him.

“Ha! A fat ninja kangaroo! Oh, film that and put it on YouTube. Be a hit for eternity.”  Jack laughed.

“Shut up. I’m sure out of all of us you’d be the one becoming fat.”  Bunnymund growled.

“But I run around all day playing snowball fights with kids from around the world.. You only have to get up off your butt once a year.” Jack said back.

“Shut up.”  Bunnymund’s ears flopped down.

“I win.” Jack smiled.

  Suddenly Jack felt something hit his head. He stood up and reached to pull the gooey substance of what it was. It was a clog of paint. The type of paint that wasn’t dry but wasn’t completely liquid. Jack laughed and grabbed one of the buckets of paint that were lying around and grabbed a hand pull, throwing it at a Bunnymund. Bunnymund jumped.

“That wasn’t me, mate!” Bunnymund half growled, half laughed. Bunnymund pointed behind Jack and Jack turned to see _____ with a bucket of yellow paint, laughing so much her sides hurt.

“Oh, that’s it. Come here!” Jack laughed, running after his girlfriend. They ran around in circles, throwing yellow and purple paint at each other.  Tooth, Sandy, Bunnymund, and North watched, betting on who would win their little fight.

    _______ slipped on grass that had paint on it and fell head first onto the dirt. Jack stopped to see if she was okay. He sighed in relief when he saw her get back up and heard her laughing. He then jumped over and grabbed her arm, rubbing a ton of purple paint over it. He used his other hand to rub paint into her hair. They both laughed as _____ tried to fight back, but failed and ended up letting Jack paint all over her with his purple paint.
    In the end, _____ and Jack were a complete mess. Yellow and purple paint dripping off their clothes and onto the also messy ground. But everyone laughed as Bunnymund provided them with water to wash off the paint, only making their clothes wet and their hair damp.  

~End Flashback~

“And don’t forget when she brought us Halloween candy, dressed up as Jack!” Tooth giggled.


“Well, what do you guys think?” ____ asked, spinning around once in her Halloween costume.  

“I don’t think you could get any more Jack Frost than Jack Frost already is.”  North laughed.

“And you decided to go as me for Halloween, why?” Jack asked.

“Well, I wasn’t going to waste the only $100 I have  on awesome Cosplay, so the best I could do is use $20 of that $100 at Wal*Mart  and buy the same clothes Jack has, adding the string on the end of your pants and all.”  _____ said as she stopped spinning and looked around.  It was completely dark outside and the street lights were just turning on for trick-or-treating.

“I think you guys would be twins. Not adding the hair and all.” Tooth smiled.

“Y-yeah, Can’t get a wig or dye my hair or anything.” _____ awkwardly said, rubbing her hair so it’ll flatten easier.

“Now all you need is an awesome frost staff, like me!” Jack smiled , thrusting the staff in front of _____.

“Oh! I completely forgot about that!” ____ cried.

“No worries, you can hold mine!” Jack smiled, handing it to her.

“R-really?” ____ asked, taking the staff and looking at it. It had the charm she gave him last Christmas hanging from the end of it.

“Of course!” Jack smiled, giving thumbs up.

“Awesome! Thanks!” ____ smiled, hugging Jack then turning to North and the other guardians. She pointed the staff at them, but due to her not being Jack, nothing happened.

She then shouted “Behold! Look, I am Jack Frost! You cannot beat me, the one who brings down frost and snow!”
  Jack almost fell to his butt laughing as other trick-or-treaters looked at her strangely. Mostly the adults, do to them not being able to see the guardians.

“Yeah, let’s go trick-or-treating now.”  _____ said, her cheeks blushing up tomato red.

~End Flashback~

“You guys always remember great memories!” Jack smiled.

“Jack, I think she’s a keeper.” Tooth smiled

“Well…Um…You guys are putting me in a bad place right now…” Jack said, rubbing the back of his head while looking up at the ceiling to avoid the other’s confused gaze.

“What do you mean by bad place?” Bunnymund asked, sitting up straight.

“I was…kind of going to end it.”

“JACK!” All four guardians shouted, sandy had an “!?” over his head. Jack fell off the rail and almost down to the lower floor, between the globe and flooring, but caught himself and flew back up, swinging his frost staff behind him.

“Jack!? How could you!?” Tooth almost cried. Actually, she might as well be crying.

“Guys! Calm down!” Jack said, standing onto the ground, no longer afloat.

“How can we!?” North growled.

“Look!” Jack huffed.

   Jack tried not to laugh at their misunderstanding as he sat on the wooden floor and pulled a small box out of his hoodie pocket. It was slightly opened but the four other guardians could clearly see the small ring of which it held.

“Oh my! Y-you are….Jack, are you serious!?” Tooth gasped.

“I might be Jack Frost, fun and games, but I’m completely serious right now.” Jack said.

Tooth, North, Sandy, and Bunnymund all attacked Jack with a group hug. Jack was surprised but laughed.

“There is no way she’ll deny you!” Tooth squeaked.

“Ciao! Anybody home?” Suddenly they all heard a door open and close from one of the lower floors.  ______’s voice echoed through the rooms.

“Hello _____!” Tooth yelled back.  

Jack stood up and hid the box in his pocket. His face blushed a little as he turned to go down the floors to where ____ was. As he turned to the other guardians, he whispered “Wish me luck.”  He then flew down the floors.  He got to where ______ was and stopped her.

“What’s wrong?”  _____ asked, wondering why Jack stood in her way.

“So, um, _____....” Jack felt his own face turn pink. _____ must have noticed because she began laughing.

“Yes, Jack?” She smiled. Her beautiful, shiny eyes looked right back at Jack’s.

“Will you marry me?” Jack asked, suddenly balancing on one knee.

  The other guardians could hear a scream of excitement come from the floors below, followed by screams of “YES! YES! YES!”. They rushed down to see Jack and ______ hugging.  Tooth looked like she could melt of the amount of adorableness she saw. Sandy clapped his hands too.

“I love you so much, Jack!” ______ smiled, hugging tightly around his neck.  Jack kissed the tip of her nose, making her blush.

“I love you too, ___.”
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THAT would get people to read more i,m sure!!! : )
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OMFG love the Halloween flashback cuz i love Halloween too, n i dressed up as Jack for another occasion n i did the same thing with the staff thing ahaha XD i got some strange looks but who cares? XDD
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I'm trying to read Jack Frost fanfics to see what everyone's fangirling about (parents said I was "too old" to watch the movie), and AFFHAFJFGDKHV!!!
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aphftwb-tches Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Any chance you could write a part 2?
Ninja-Neko-Aru Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student General Artist
I Did! The link to it is in the discription!
If you cannot find it, it wasn't posted too long ago so you can find it in my gallery.
aphftwb-tches Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Sorry! I tend to skip over stuff like that and make an idiot out of myself.
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Still working on a sequel, but yea! I could do that! :3

Oh, the Guardians having Childern of their own to take care of is a really adorable idea! X3
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