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August 22, 2012
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Child!LoviXMom!Reader: mamma


"Momma, Where is daddy going?" You 5 year old son, Lovino, asked, tugging on your sleeve.

"N-nowhere, honey. J-just go back to your room." You said, not even looking at Lovino.

"Will he comeback?" Lovino asked.

"...No...Hopefully not." You sighed, picking up your boy and carrying him to his room.

"W-why?" Lovino stared up at you, tears filling his eyes.

"...Daddy is very angry at mommy." You said, fighting back your own tears.

"Why would anyone be angry at mamma?" Lovino asked as you sat him on his bed. You sat on your knees so that you were now eye-level with him.

"To tell the truth, I have no clue." You told him. It was true. You husband started yelling at you and for no reason whatsoever.

".... Mamma?" Lovino asked, a tear falling from his cheek.

"Yes?" You asked, looking into Lovino's adorable eyes.

"Is mamma okay?" Lovino asked.

"......No. No she isn't" You cried, resting your head on Lovino's lap.

"Shhhhhshhh It's okay mamma." Lovino tried calming you down while playing with strands of your hair. You smiled at his voice for it was so adorable.

"Thank you Lovi." You said, petting his head, careful not to touch his curl.

"Mamma?" Lovino asked.


"Can I sleep in your bed tonight?" Lovino asked, rubbing his small hand against your cheek, pushing the tears away.

"Yes, yes you can. That would make Mamma very happy." You smiled and picked up Lovino, carrying him out of his room and into yours.

   That night you slept with Lovino. Your arms were wrapped around him as he softly snored and tried to stay closest to you as possible.

~time skip~

  Lovino sighed, sitting on the park bench. The school day ended and all he wanted to do was get away from life. He was bullied in school by some guy named Gilbert, his cousins Feli and Sebo were always flirting with girls he thought were cute and his only real friend was Antonio. He was only 10 years old and life sucked.

"Lovi, are you okay?" Lovino looked up to see you. His mother.

"N-no mamma." Lovino said as you sat next to him.

"What happened?" You asked.

"Gilbert changed the names on our tests so I got a stupid grade while he passed." Lovino said.

"And the teacher did nothing about this?" You asked.

"When I told him that he didn't listen! I even showed him that the way my name was written wasn't my hand writing!" Lovino complained.

"I'd try to talk to him bu-"

"No one listens to mothers anymore." Lovino finished your sentence.

It was true. If a child was in need of help, 90% of the time the mother would help. A mother should help. A lot of the time, mothers lie for their children. So teachers never wanted to hear what a mother had to say. It sickens Lovino, and it sickened you even more.

"....Hey Lovi?" You asked.

"Yes?" He looked up at you.

"Why don't we go out for Italian tonight? Just you and me."  You asked. Italian was Lovino's favorite food.

"Okay!" Lovino smiled, standing up from the bench.

"Sounds like a plan." You smiled, grabbing your son's hand and walking towards the Italian restaurant that was not too far away.

~Time skip. Lovino's POV~

"Here lies _______ _______. A wonderful mother and amazing friend to many who are here today." Said a man who knew nothing of my mother.

   I sighed, blocking out the rest of the speech. My mother died saving me from something I had gotten myself into. I am 18, and had a run in with the Mafia. A few weeks before hand we found out my father had a history with the mafia and owed them money. Though me and mamma were NOTHING to my father, The Mafia had their eyes on us. Or actually, me.


"H-hey! Get your hands over me, you bastards!" I yelled as i fought off two mafia men.

"Hey, Why don't you shut up, kid!" A man with a deep for yelled then punched me in the jaw. I screeched and fell backwards, hitting the brick wall behind me.

"Heh, Weak fool." The other man laughed, pinning me to the wall.

"G-get off me." I hissed.

  The man with a deep voice grabbed my arm and and took out a needle. He pushed the needle into my skin and wiggled it around, which hurt like hell. He inserted whatever the needle contained into my bloodstream. I began to black out, but just before i did, I heard my mother scream and attack the men, Police men behind her.
   When I awoke, I was in a hospital room. There was a doctor in the room so I made some noise to get his attention. He turned to me and walked over, placing his hand over my forehead.

"Finally, you're awake. good." He said.

"W-what happened?" I asked, somewhat tired.

"I am just a doctor, but I do have something to tell you." He said, his voice going from "you should know" to "I'm not really sorry, kid. I don't even know you"


"Your mother is in the room next door."

"Why!?" I asked, sitting up.

"I was told that she was shot by one of the men who attacked you." The doctor said.

"T-take me to her!" I yelled.

"Shhhhhhh okay." The man said and helped me up. He took me out of my room and into my mother's room. There, in the hospital bed, was my mother.

"Why isn't she awake?" I asked, running to her side.

"She came in struggling to hold onto life. I'm sorry to tell you, but she's gone...."


"Hey Lovino, are you okay?" I heard Antonio asked. He sat next to me during the whole speech.

"Y-yeah...." I sighed, looking away.

"And now, would Lovino like to say a few words?" The man finished, looking at me.

"S-sure..." I sat up, my legs shaking.

   I walked over to where the microphone was and sighed, looking at everyone as they looked at me. It was overwhelming. And then, suddenly, my eyes teared up. I couldn't help it. I just let the tears go and fell to my knees crying. You couldn't blame me though....
  As I fell to my knees, there were a few gasps. Antonio and aunt Elizaveta ran over to my side. I completely blocked their voices out of my mind and just at my weakest state, i cried:


~Time skip~

"Hey Lovino! It's the new girl." Antonio said, pointing to a girl with shining (hair color) hair.

"New girl? Who the hell would want to work at this dump?" I asked.

   I worked at an old, rundown Italian restaurant. It was popular when I was 10, but It quickly hit the dust. Me, Antonio, Feli, and Sebo just recently bought the place, hoping to turn it around.

"Ciao! My name is _____!" The girl smiled, waving at us.

   I couldn't believe it. She looked like mamma, sounded like mamma, and had her name too. Antonio noticed it too because he looked just as shocked as I was. The only thing that told me that it was not mamma was that she was too young. She was two years younger then me.

"Are you two okay?" She asked, standing in front of us as we were leaning over the other side of a bar.

"Oh, yeah! We're fine. So, what made you want to work here?!" Antonio asked.

"My papa loved Italian food, as do I, do I wanted to help out!" Her smile was so beautiful.

"Great, we could use a lot of help!" Antonio said.

"So, what do I do first?" She asked. Her eyes were beautiful.

"You should go introduce yourself to Feliciano and Sebastian! They are in the Kitchen over there!" Antonio said, pointing towards the kitchen.

"Okay!" She smiled and ran towards the kitchen.

After a few seconds of silence, Antonio chuckled.

"She's actually pretty cute." He said.

"I swear to god, if you touch her I'll kill you." I growled.

"I was just teasing, Lovi! I understand!" Antonio laughed and started walking away, towards the kitchen.

Is it bad to love someone who reminds you of your mother?
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